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George Logan
1st Tour
Infantry Sergeant - 7RAR
Bien Hoa Province, Phuoc Tuy Province, Apr 1967 - Mar 1968
2nd Tour
Warrant Officer - AATTV
Phuoc Tuy Province, Quang Tri Province, Thua Thien Province, Oct 1969 - Oct 1970

During the Vietnamese Tet offensive of 1968, my battalion was heavily involved in the fighting in Bien Hoa province. In one contact, we killed a North Vietnamese sergeant. Going through the bits and pieces he was carrying I came upon a photograph. It was obviously of him with his wife and five kids. We buried him in a shallow grave and I sent his gear out on the next resupply helicopter. Given the intensity of operations of that time, I suspect it was discarded. The family will only ever know that he went off to fight for his country and never came home. War is tough for everyone involved.

Service No. 36649