Tom Jobling
NCO Engine Section Leader
161 (Independent) Reconnaissance Flight - Army Aviation
Nui Dat
Apr 1969 - Apr 1970

Having been a section leader committed to the serviceability of our aircraft, I am proud of my troops and the records we set. The turnaround times were sometimes bordering on unbelievable. For example, a 600-hour service and engine change took over a week at home but we did it in eight hours in Vietnam. My worst day in Vietnam was 4th December 1969. The day before, at about 2200 hours, a Porter A14-686 was shot down. We lost two pilots, Captain Barry Donald and Second Lieutenant Alan Jellie. I knew them both well. I have sad recollections from the time and also fond memories. I no longer feel ashamed to say I am a Vietnam veteran and I served with the 161 (Independent) Recce Flight – Army Aviation.

Service No. 16459