Kevin 'Tassie' Wass b.1938
Platoon Sergeant
Nui Dat, Vung Tau
May 1966 - Mar 1967
Excerpt from Story Board
Most of our young blokes were National Servicemen who only had limited training. You were like a mother to them; the poor little buggers didn’t know anything. From the day that they joined us they were soldiers – the words ‘National Servicemen’ were never mentioned. They were all soldiers, and that’s how we treated them. People can’t understand how they knitted in so well.

I’m now tied up with the Liverpool RSL. I’m the senior vice-president, I’m the welfare officer, one of the trustees, I’m the hospital visitation officer, I do all the military funerals for the RSL. I’m looking after the old fellows. I love doing it. I just hope that when my time comes there’s someone to look after me.
Service No. 61163