Brian Richards b.1947
Clerk Equipment Accounts
No. 2 Squadron, RAAF, Attached to 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, USAF
Phan Rang
Mar 1969 - Mar 1970
Excerpt from Story Board
The Agent Orange spraying was done from Phan Rang, where I was based. Even though you weren’t sprayed on directly, wind drift did occur. The aircraft we used to spray things like mosquitoes was the same aircraft used to do Agent Orange. I don’t think the full effects of that were revealed or understood. I’ve got friends who have children with birth defects, also skin cancers. I’ve had rashes from time to time, no-one knows what they are. The Royal Commission conducted in 1983 in Australia said we weren’t affected directly by the defoliants used. Some further enquiries and investigations need to be done, but whether that will happen in my lifetime, I don’t know.
Service No. A56800