Jim Archbold MM b.1946
Military Policeman
Australian Forces Vietnam Provost Unit
Nui Dat, Vung Tau
Feb 1968 - Jan 1969
Excerpt from Story Board
…I was told I was supposed to be up at FSB Coral, so I grabbed a lift in a supply chopper. I arrived at dusk and didn’t know where to go, so I sheltered in a hole. It was pretty terrifying; they mortared and rocketed the base. I didn’t have any cover, so I kept my head down. The next morning I found my unit. I was there for about a fortnight. It was my job to look after the NVA prisoners.

Accommodation for two was a three-foot-deep hole with stretchers that were about three to four inches off the ground. When the rains came we had a couple of inches of water in the holes. You had to pin your rifle on the edge of the wall. On a number of occasions the North Vietnamese tried to overrun the place. If they weren’t doing that they were mortaring it.
Service No. 3790920