Glenn Darlington b.1946
Gunner Signalman
1st Armoured Regiment, HQ 1 ATF
Nui Dat
Jun 1968 - Mar 1969
Excerpt from Story Board
Going home… Everybody spoke about how many days until a ‘wakie’ – waking up on the last day. From seven days they had these short-time sticks: a stick that had seven notches on it. Each day you’d take off the end. You carried it like a symbol: I’m almost there, Sunshine. And you’d show it to somebody, as if to say: one day you can own one of these.

I still believe that what we did was right. The ‘domino theory’ of advancement of communism was very real at the time. Whenever I see the Vietnamese refugees on Anzac Day I’m as proud of them as I am of us.
Service No. 2786579