Ian Teague b.1935
1st Tour
Adviser - AATTV
Quang Ngai Province, Apr 1964 - Nov 1965
2nd Tour
Squadron Commander - SAS
Nui Dat, Jan 1970 - Dec 1970
Excerpt from Story Board
I was selected to go to Vietnam in the early days of the AATTV. On arrival I was seconded to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Because of my Special Forces background I could better serve in the CIA’s paramilitary programs.

The flood in November 1964 was the worst in 75 years. The coastal area of Quang Ngai was flooded for about two weeks. Because my warrant officer, John Clarke, and I had a rubber boat, we managed to rescue approximately 28 people. We were awarded a Vietnamese Military Merit Medal for that.
Service No. 35803