John 'Jacko' Miller b.1946
'Tunnel Rat' (Field Engineer)
1st Field Squadron
Nui Dat
Oct 1969 - Jun 1970
Excerpt from Story Board
I was wounded on the worst mine day we ever had. They found some mines and there were six dead and probably nine wounded, needing help. We got on the chopper and away we went. They wanted to winch us out. I said: ‘I’ll go first’. An infantry bloke had cleared a little area and then he stepped outside it, onto a mine. That killed another three and wounded six more. I was wounded underneath the helicopter. It had 28 holes in it but they landed it. A little bubble helicopter took me to an ambulance. I had four pieces of shrapnel in my bum, which was a bit of an embarrassment! And three in my leg.

In Cambodia we’ve got a mine-clearing team. The Cambodians are desperate; we wanted to do what we could to help them… One of our workers is a bloke called ‘Chep’; he lost his leg as a five-year-old.
Service No. 1734604