Peter Robinson b.1944
Huey Crewman
No. 9 Squadron, RAAF
Vung Tau
Apr 1969 - Feb 1970
Excerpt from Story Board

I’ve had problems. To be in a shed is great, and to be in a shed with your mates is even greater. The friendship has been tremendous. “Playgroup”, the ladies call it. We understand each other and talk the same military talk.

It’s been found that a man who goes to a shed is less likely to become an alcoholic or hospital-bound. You might get a bloke that comes into the shed and you can see he is down. So you comfort him in a man’s way, and make him feel welcome. You make him a cup of coffee and give him a book to read and make him feel at home, that he’s wanted and that’s he’s around friends.    
Service No. A56053