Terry  tezza  lowes
Terry 'Tezza' Lowes b.1948
Engine and Boiler Room Duties
HMAS Vendetta, Sep 1965 - Oct 1965
HMAS Sydney, Apr 1967 - Jun 1967
HMAS Sydney, Dec 1967 - Feb 1968
HMAS Sydney, Mar 1968 - Apr 1968
HMAS Sydney, May 1968 - Jun 1968
HMAS Brisbane, Mar 1971 - Oct 1971
Excerpt from Story Board

The club has helped me, my wife tells me it has, filling in time, not dwelling on the past, getting on with it…

I’m with a group called “The Dark and Stormies”. We visit veterans in hospital, we go to see if their needs are being met… we do a rehab Christmas party each year and hold an Anzac service for members in hospital.

It’s giving something back to the community and I think it also helps us. I get more out of giving than taking.

Service No. R63271