John Vincent OAM b.1939
Platoon Commander
May 1969 - May 1970
Excerpt from Story Board
I arrived in Saigon with qualifications in these courses: tropical warfare, parachutist qualification, mine warfare instructing, colloquial Vietnamese and also a Special Forces medic’s course. I felt fairly well prepared. Soon after my arrival I was sent to the mountains with the Montagnards and American Special Forces. If you had asked me what I most wanted to do in the whole world, that was it. 

The Montagnards were swarthy, robust young men, but they didn’t speak English or Vietnamese. We had to use interpreters – we called them interrupters. At a young age, these kids were taught to fight as soldiers. They had to have two years’ experience before they could join us in the Mobile Strike Force (Mike Force).

Service No. 29581