Arthur Shelton b.1938
Battalion Senior Medic, Platoon Commander
Pleiku, Van Kiep
Feb 1969 - Feb 1970
Excerpt from Story Board
Basically, if anyone got into trouble they would shout and we – Mike Force – would come in and get them out of trouble. That’s it in a nutshell. We also trained the Montagnards who manned the Mike Force. We commanded; we weren’t advisers. We called in air and artillery if we were inside the artillery fan. If we got the chance, our job was to keep the fight close and hopefully we could drop troops in behind or around and give them a shellacking. We were reasonably successful.

I spent the rest of my tour getting people out of trouble, and looking for trouble when no one was in trouble. One of the proudest moments of my life came after I got wounded. When we got out of it all, I got all my wounded out; the dead had to stay. But when I went back, less than two months later, all the wounded came back to the bush with me. And that didn’t half make me proud.

Service No. 311517