Noel Sproles b.1940
Troop Second-In-Command
1st Topographical Survey Troop
Nui Dat
Feb 1968 - Jan 1969
Excerpt from Story Board
I departed on my first op on Anzac Day, 1968. Lifting off at dawn, I could see lines of troops coming down for the service. Weeks later we were told of a new op to the north. It needed a name. Two of the officers decided on ‘Coral’, the girlfriend of one of their mates. They had a good laugh. She must have had a reputation! I never knew Coral, but it’s a historic name now.

It would have been nice to speak to people when we came back. But I couldn’t even speak to my parents. There was no debriefing. Nothing. I can still close my eyes and I’m back on those fire bases again. It’s not so bad now. I’ve been marching with the local Survey Corps Association for years, and for the last couple of years I’ve been leading it.
Service No. 36566