Denis Macneall b.1945
Instrument Fitter
RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam, No. 35 Squadron
Vung Tau
Apr 1965 - Dec 1965
Mar 1967 - Mar 1968
Excerpt from Story Board
Our 35 Squadron was completely manned by Australians but fully supported on an American base. Initially, because the American airfield was still quite underdeveloped, we stayed in a disused villa in the town itself, with minimal protection. There was an open iron fence; we had a few sandbags. We were guarded by a Vietnamese policeman. They used to wear a white uniform and they were very small. We referred to them as ‘white mice’. If a white mouse disappeared it was time to do something.

While I was president of the RAAFVVA, I went to an opening in Kings Park where the Vietnamese community commissioned a bronze sculpture. They were singing songs about Saigon and their former country and I broke into tears. I suddenly realised they’d lost their country and this was their new country, but basically they are just ordinary people who had gone through so much pain and suffering. I think the story wouldn’t be complete without recognising them as well.

Service No. A56158