John Haward b.1947
Tank Gunner
1st Armoured Regiment
Nui Dat
Jun 1968 - Mar 1969
Excerpt from Story Board
…My orders were to move in. I could see a semicircular bunker system. They were firing at us. I started firing both a 30-calibre and a 50-calibre machine gun into the bunker, but they jammed. In the split second I stopped shooting, a Viet Cong soldier jumped out of the bunker. I didn’t see him. There had to be one on either side firing RPG-7s from only about 20 or 30 yards away. The first grenade blew up in front of me. I saw this big flash and got some shrapnel and oil in my face. The next one came through the side and hit my crew commander’s seat. It blew his legs away. The next round came through on the side: that one took the loader’s kneecap off. Our driver was unconscious, so we couldn’t back off. The message went out to the infantry that we’d been hit.    
Service No. 3791721