Roger Scales b.1946
Tank Driver
1st Armoured Regiment, Det 1 Fwd Del Tp
Nui Dat
Dec 1968 - Jun 1969
Excerpt from Story Board
I learned how to drive a tank because I wanted to be in the Armoured Corps. In Vietnam, I was based in Nui Dat. I was in the lead tank on one operation where we worked with the Americans. We carried 20-litre water drums and worked out how to have a hot shower using the heat coming off the tank’s engine. However, the Americans had a semitrailer with a full bain-marie: chicken, steak, all kind of things. Anybody could walk in, day or night, and help themselves to a feed. It was unbelievable.

On one occasion, we had to pick up a group of infantrymen. The tank had a bridge layer that could hydraulically bend forward and lean over a creek. We could then drive the tank over it. We had the whole company of men on this bridge layer. It was an amazing bit of gear.
Service No. 3791605